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What is Involved in Building Quality Kitchens and Vanities

Here we will briefly outline what happens in our shop behind the scenes.

When you chose the layout of your kitchen, you chose specific sizes and shapes of cabinets which we need to construct.

1. Cabinets Constructed According to Design

In the design process, your cabinets will be fitted with compartments, pullouts and spaces fitted to your specific needs. Drawings are translated into actual components by the design software, which are sent to a computer controlled router which cuts out the parts for your cabinets with appropriate holes, dadoes, mortises etc required for each unique cabinet.

2. Our Cabinets are Built with Quality Products

Our cabinet faces are constructed from domestic hardwoods. The interiors are made from pre-finished birch plywood.

Our hardware is American or European made. Quality products hold up to normal use and retain that quality look much better than cheaper counterparts.

3. Our Cabinets are Quality Finished

Whether painted or stained, your cabinets are finished in a multi-step process with highest quality conversion varnish.

You can select the sheen, or other effect you desire. Some selections are glaze, distressed or regular finish.

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