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Kitchen Gallery

Kitchen picture

Creative Cabinet Works has fulfilled customer's dreams in a variety of cabinet styles. Why not take a look at what we've done for others to get your creative juices flowing?

Find a special look or effect you like? Then we're ready to talk about layout. We will help you look at the size of your kitchen to place every feature in your kitchen in a location that makes things handy for the way you work.We can help you place your appliances in the way you like. Then comes the cosmetics. We offer all the standard wood species of cabinets. These may be stained in a variety of shades to highlight you favorite color scheme in your own kitchen. We'll help you with door style selections, counter top variations, and everything else so you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

Vanities Gallery

Vanity picture

Good taste and beauty doesn't have to stay in the kitchen. Bring that same theme into your bathroom. Or go for a different look, a look that is distinctly your taste.

We believe beauty and function begin with planning, but are brought to reality only by careful craftsmanship and personal touch. We give the same careful workmanship to our bathroom vanities and counter tops as we do to the kitchen. Let us help you with this important part of your house decor.

Closets Gallery

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Closets are our specialty. Did your closets come with a wire closet system? We have found that changing to a wooden closet system improves appearance and increases capacity by up to 50%.

You have many clothes and personal items and each one deserves a special home. Organized storage helps you know where to put things and to find them again. Check out some of our photos, we know you will soon be having ideas of your own.

Custom Gallery

Picture of a custom project

Take a tour of our gallery of specialty cabinets for your house.

We do entertainment centers, custom bookcases, and extra cabinets for every room of your house. This extra touch makes every room beautiful, homey and distinctly you. Don't be afraid to give us your ideas. We'd like to serve your needs.

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